Discover some of our POS-display creations.

Floor display

With pegs, pediment, trays, base, in one, two, three, or four communication sides, in Canadian style or traditional.

Pallet Box

For 1/2, 1/4, 1/6, 1/8 of a pallet, on a European pallet, plastic or even on our Biopal, the cardboard pallet by PLVplus.

Window decoration

Draw attention to your products, both inside and outside.

Document dispenser

Simple and effective, to highlight your leaflets, flyers, and other elements of your written communication.


Use arches, pediments on poles, coverings, decoration, and all other tools to create an immediately identifiable attractive environment, and stage your products.


Because your packaging is now an integral part of your product.

Counter display

A simple communication tool, product dispenser, permanent or temporary, it highlights your products even in the tightest spaces.


Elliptical, cubic, on a pole, tree-shaped, elastic, automatic - limitless imagination.


Easy to assemble, ideal for your bulk products, automatic or traditional.


Biopal BY PLVplus

Creator, designer and manufacturer of POS, from the smallest to the largest format.

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